21 Jun 2013

WOW!! Kuala Lumpur Massive Development!! (2013)


Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL) now has close to 700 development projects (excluding townships) either just-completed, under-construction, approval stage, plannin…
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25 Responses to WOW!! Kuala Lumpur Massive Development!! (2013)
  1. good to know.no wonder lotsa indonesians love working at KLCC as cleaners, toilet scrubbers, etc etc….

  2. This kind of mentality that makes it impossible actually.. How old are you?

  3. can we become developed country? impossible

  4. very good video  a toppie

  5. KL ni maju le, tp kite x bleh sombong =) stay quiet and chillax~

  6. InsyaAllah,jika rakyat Malaysia semuanya berfikiran positif dan berpandangan jauh,negara kita akan maju kelak walaupun kita berlainan ideologi politik.

  7. x payah la nak kemaruk sgt nk berpolitik kat video aq ni.. x kisah la ko bn ke, pembangkang ke, video ni xde kaitan.. sorry, aq x suke org yg politics maniac.. this is not the place.. thanks..

  8. sye pon sokong bn. . dye lah menentu masahadapan negara. . hanya penbangkang jew lah huru hara kan malaysia . . xsuka malaysia maju dan aman . .

  9. Are you from Malaysia?

  10. Woww.. Thank you so much.. It’s such an honour.. Sure, i’m going to these places this coming mid sem break.. So, I hope to create another video and complete it a.s.a.p.. =)

  11. Anytime…Keep it up.. I already used this video as my presentation to show how great is Malaysia and it’s development..

  12. wow, really? like, really?? how old are you my dear?

  13. I take that as a compliment.. Thanks bro.. =) I’ll update my video gradually..

  14. This guy goes everywhere to get prototype blueprints and picture just for you to greater future….”He Worth Lots More Likes Then You Imagine”……

  15. Cer jelas ke dia ttg Menara Berkembar Petronas ni. Arkitek dia, design dia. Ciri2. Then again, kalau dah benci tu benda baik pun dia nampak mcm buruk, kan ? 😛

  16. Wowww… GREAT video! I’m proud to be Malaysian, now i’m in Penang but insyaallah i’ll move in KL after hari Raya.

  17. owhh.. really? i never knew that we’re gonna have other 2 more MRT projects that will be built in future.. or is that the extension of those Putra LRT and Star LRT lines? but as for me, no matter what the projects are, i hope they will give benefits to all of us.. directly or indirectly.. that’s for sure..

  18. ahaha.. ga lah mas.. aq orang Malaysia yg punya banyak temen2 dari Indo.. terus bisa2 aja ngomong Indo dikit.. maaf ya kalo bahasa Indo ku ga bagus.. soalnya masih belajar kok.. ehehe..

  19. Muhammad Fathi Rayyan June 22, 2013 at 9:38 am Reply

    eh, org Indo yah? I’m Indonesian living at Malaysia. Great video btw!!

  20. it turned out that there are actually 3 MRT lines will be built within Klang Valley. the other 2 lines are yet to be announced. they were only proposed not finalised. theres no budget allocation from the govt yet i presume. i hv no idea why, but i get really excited after finding that out.

  21. as far as i know, Warisan Merdeka tower doesn’t show any progress as for now.. in fact, until today, we’re still wondering about the real rendering for the tower, since it has came out with few designs.. that’s why i don’t put any of the pictures in my video here, because the project is still remained silent.. but if you want to know more about other projects, you can join the skyscrapers forum.. just Google skyscrapercity.. you’ll be amazed with the updates there..

  22. no doubt that we have to thank the chinese they are the one that controls the country’s economics

  23. yeah couldnt agree more with that. its not that simple. what come across my mind is that preparing for the possibility of future (or way future) problem instead of seeing and focusing the current one. i know people cant resist of taking the photos of those mosque just because theyre pretty and unique(?). btw ive been wondering, where do i find the updates on the new warisan tower, hows the progress etc. any idea? tq

  24. sbb menara carigali tu mmg da lame siap la bro.. lagi awal dari menara felda.. video ni purposely aq buat untuk buildings yg still under construction.. name pon ‘development’.. kann.. ehehe.. anyways, thanks sbb suke..

  25. wow style la video ni. menara charigali kenapa x letak? sedangkan bangunan tu terbaru dan antara yg tertinggi di malaysia?


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