23 Jun 2013

5 ASEAN Big Cities (2012)


This is the tribute video to 5 ASEAN major cities.. These cities are unique in their own ways.. I LOVE ALL OF THESE CITIES!!! In this video, you can see how …
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KL Gateway is a Green Vertical Township surrounded by the necessities of life that encompasses Retail Shopping, Residential Suites, Corporate Suites, an arra…
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21 Responses to 5 ASEAN Big Cities (2012)
  1. all cities.. looks same..boring…

  2. i,ve been everywhere…europian cities they,re not have too much modern building or big mall as well,,,like asean ,,,but they have a very good maintaining,,,easy public transport,,and no trafic,,,at all….australian is a same,,, only those thinks what we dont have in jakarta ,,,,,

  3. you hate pahilippines because you are a malaysian

  4. agree la bro~ ^_^

  5. my list:
    1 Singapore
    2 Kuala Lumpur (my city bro)
    3 Bangkok
    4 Jakarta
    5 Ho chin Minh and Hanoi
    Manila is the worst among all, the city is really ugly, smelly, full of trash, undeveloped and very poorly maintained

  6. beautiful, but you are making our cities looks bad meh~

  7. Sig no.1

  8. Physically BKK is the biggest (1,569 km²),2 times bigger than Jakarta (740.3 km²) and 6.5 times bigger than KL (243 km²).

    Source: wikipedia

  9. actually most countries in asia has jeepnies..

  10. ur country is uglier!

  11. Physically BKK is the biggest (1,569 km²),2 times bigger than Jakarta (740.3 km²) and 6.5 times bigger than KL (243 km²).

    Source: wikipedia


  13. Well you should be proud of your hometown. I’ve never been there (i wish i could go there soon, fingers crossed!), but i hear a lot of great things about Bangkok. I have only seen your city from videos and tons of Hollywood movies. The more i see them, the more i want to actually be there.
    And I am proud of other Asean cities as well. Many people say that we Asean are the future of the world along with East Asia and India.

  14. I’d love to go to every cities you mentioned though I love hearing Malay/ Indonesian/tagalog languages as it sounds so charming.
    my home town is Bangkok and I’m very proud of it.
    and I have kind of feelings being proud of other asean cities too

  15. well Thailand is not that poor though and our people don’t migrate to other countries as much as vietnamese, chinese and filipinos according to the statistic but of course we have some or a lot of poor people and we’re trying hard to eliminate this problem. it shows that Thailand is very successful improving our HDI index since somewhat 50 years ago
    I’ve never been to other asean countries and I think every ones of them are as beautiful as others
    also I dont think Dominus NangLien is Thai.

  16. I’m an Indonesian and i think Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are way better and more beautiful cities than the others. Bangkok comes third and then Jakarta. Manila can take the last spot.

  17. I take the date of establishment whenever there was a first ever written manuscript/story about the city.. =)

  18. Correction: Bangkok is only 226 years old.

  19. sorry but no offence but isn’t Thailand really poor? I always see Thailand people migrating to some other countries be it Malaysia or Singapore….

  20. Big city.

  21. Philippines is a perfect location to link European market into the rest of Asia for lot of factors such as:
    – English language communication.
    – Cultural influence from the west and with Spain.
    – Heavily diverse culture.
    – A truly very friendly people.
    – Great number of it’s local workers.
    – Philippine Government supports and assists foreign investors
    – Geographically, a very favorable weather to live.
    – Foreigners will really feel at home to live in the Philippines.


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