27 Jun 2013

AMAZING Kuala Lumpur!! (1880-2012)


This the tribute video for Kuala Lumpur, one of the best city in the world.. Enjoy! Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia.. …

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25 Responses to AMAZING Kuala Lumpur!! (1880-2012)
  1. ahaha.. that’s the real purpose i put it.. but it seems like not everybody like it.. the first music is more likely to present the earlier part of our city, which looks very dull, old, scary etc.. =)

  2. ohh okay now i understand about the music..from nothing to something…but the 1st music quite horrible :p

  3. Siti Fatimah Jagoh June 27, 2013 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Where are all those beautiful old buildings. Now the buildings does not show the identity of the country anymore.

  4. Kuala Lumpur have been raped by the BN Govet many mnay times !!

  5. bad taste of music my friend

  6. bro music 1st track tu psycho.. the 2nd track tu lagu ape ek??? leh bgtau???

  7. muzik menakutkan.

  8. Thanks.. I get those pictures from skycrapers forum, where a lot of people are sharing the photos of cities worldwide.. =)

  9. Amazing photos of KL old and new. Where did you get the photo at 2:39? perfect shot!

  10. nice old photo of Kuala Lumpur, but I do not enjoy the music.

  11. Nice but please remove the stupid music!

  12. If not politics, what’s then? I’m not interested in any political topic here.. This video is all about Kuala Lumpur, the history of our city.. If you guys are so damn obsessed with this political thingy, go to the right video, not here.. I’m making this video purposely because I love my city, and it has nothing to do with any what-so-ever party.. Get it? Thanks..

  13. stupid reply ever

  14. it’s not politics. it’s the truth. and the coward always hate the truth

  15. stupid comment ever..


  17. This video has nothing to do with politics.. I dont even give a damn with that.. No matter which party you are, I’m not welcoming any politics maniac in my video.. This is all about Kuala Lumpur, not more.. Thanks..

  18. 4 kaedah mcmn nak membangunkan sebuah lembah menjadi sebuah metropolis sepantas KL (style madey kutti)
    – jual seberapa banyak agensi kerajaan kpd kompeni swasta
    - rampas dan jual tanah rakyat
    – lelong projek dan tanah kpd kompeni2 antarabangsa
    – bawak masuk seberapa byk pendatang asing dan bagi IC

  19. finally, pictures of old Kuala Lumpur. Absolutely amazing. 

  20. amboi.. cantiknya budi.. indahnya bahasa kamu ya.. sopan sekali…. :poop:

  21. Rahman Poetranya Madura June 28, 2013 at 1:41 am Reply

    Hhahahha ,,
    omongan Loe itu hnya omong ksong beLaka ,,,
    jgan sombong wooy maLaysia , entar kena murka dri tuhan ….
    Negara Loe itu aja trmasuk negara brkembang , sperti yg ada d.buku dunia ..
    Hhahaha , jdi jgan sokk Loe maLaysietan …
    D.ajak perang aja kaLian mnta bantuan inggris ..
    Hhahhah , dsar negara penakut …
    Fuck you !!!!!

  22. Muhd Izzat Jalal June 28, 2013 at 2:37 am Reply

    anyway, tahniah bro. video ko memang meletop. ak x pena tgok picture KL secantik pic yg ko tnjuk.

  23. kl road is very bad!! 

  24. ahaha.. thanks to my neighbour’s maid yg hari2 aq duk dgr die ckap Indon dgn mmber aq tu.. aq byk jumpe video2 yg org luar buat pasal negara Asia tp photo2 Malaysia sume yg x cun.. So, aq buat la best sket (kononnye.. ahaha..).. Anyway, sayang Malaysia kite.. ^__^

  25. Muhd Izzat Jalal June 28, 2013 at 4:48 am Reply

    bro, pandai giler ko cakap indon. hahaha. anyway, video ko mmg superb. bangga giler ak jadi anak malaysia. n more important thing, it is clearly show that malaysia is awesome n better than other country (esp. indon) hahahaha


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