Welcome to IRGO.COM, if you here for the first time and are interested in International Real Estate, you have arrived to shared resources and conceptual business research. we cover prime International Real Estate investment options for astute investors and our focus is on markets, where we are currently active. We are IRGO, empowering investors with sound, financial, investment options in international real estate. We also function as Real Estate Investment Advisors and managers on our own and clients portfolios.

We will be sharing resources on these pages on real estate investments methodology, calculations basis, and tips on real estate management for investors.

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IRGO – International Real Estate Investment Consultants.

among us, we have two decades of trading global markets experience, such as, interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities, equities and real estate. evidently real estate remains out top favorite, due to its inherent growing demand nature caused by an ever growing global population and their increasing urbanization trends.

IRGO is privately held Investment Manager in International Realty Investments.
We advise clients on;

  • What to buy and when?
  • Mortgage and FX exposures.
  • Prime Property.
  • Exit Strategies and Trading Up.

Our Clients are HNI and Institutional Investors and our mandate makes us focused on hotels, land banking, and commercial property lots within prime city centre’s.

Our clients are mainly interested in yield delivering estates.
Some of our focus.

  • Offshore investment alternative programs
  • Overseas retirement portfolio setups
  • Condominium investments rental yield programs
  • 3 stars+ and Boutique hotels investment opportunities
  • Agriculture & Farmland investments
  • Retail, Bars, Restaurants concept development and more.

Our services include unparalleled focus and knowledge on downtown City Centre area’s, and respective premium properties within a 2KM radius from the city centre’s and we are mandated to remain focused on these zones only.

The No 1 Key role in IRGO Realty Investments is Location. Location and Location. Obviously, for liquidity reason.

We work with agents, brokers and associates and compensate them for providing us, deals enhancing our realty growth portfolio. For what is on offer. Please explore our website.

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